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Your name, logo, picture, etc. 150 pixels in height (banners will usually be 1400 pixels wide to accomadate wide-screen monitors, but if you create your own, be sure the most important part can be seen at 800X600 screen resolution. I recommend 750 to 775 pixels wide.)

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Page One
Page Two


Your sample text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enimad minim veniam,

Main Content Area

Your text and photos

There are basically 5 parts to most of my web designs:
  • Header (banner, logo, etc...)
  • Menu Sidebar (some designs have horizontal menus under the banner)
  • Main Content Area
  • Info Sidebar (Optional in some designs)
  • Footer (the very bottom)

You will have 4 pages like this "example page". What you'll need to do:

  1. Decide what you want at the top (the header) and supply me with the text and or logo or picture that you want placed there.
  2. Tell me how you want "Page One" and "Page Two" named on the menu on the left side of the page (The menu links "Home" and "Contact" will remain unchanged).
  3. Decide what, if any, short blurbs you want in the menu sidebar and/or in the info sidebar (on the left and right side of the page).
  4. Decide what you want for text in the footer (at the very bottom).
  5. Decide what text and photos you want to use in the main content area of all 4 pages.
  6. Decide how you want each of the 4 pages titled (what shows up in the top of the browser -- like this one -- and is listed in web searches).
  7. Write a short 150-word (or less) description of yourself or your business for the meta-tags (and unique keywords for web searches).
  8. Provide me an email address to be used in the form on the contact page --- and what you would like for a unique subject line so that you'll know that the email was sent to you from your web form.
  9. Let me know what message you want on the "thank you page" after a user is redirected to that page after submitting an email to you.

Do this for all 4 pages.

Look at this page and see the TEXT IN RED on this sample page for what I'll need. Double and triple check all your text before submitting it to me. If you can, have someone else proof read as those that author often re-read their own mistakes over and over again without ever noticing. I won't have the time to edit and make corrections later. (You can always notify me at any time, and I can delete your website or resume the very same day.

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sample.jpg (23233 bytes)

NOTE: The lightly shaded areas on this page (header, footer, and the menu  sidebar) remain the same on all 4 pages with the exception of the main content area (and the info sidebar on the right, and if one is provided in the layout, the one on the left).

Additionally, there are "add-ons" you can incorporate into your website.

Send me a formatted  Microsoft WORD document for a resume and plain text in the form  with the exact text you want -- and where you want it placed in each of the 4 pages.

If you opt out of a contact form, that page could be used as an extra page and you can just post your email address as

Text and images are only provided by you to be used in the existing demos. Layouts, colors, and menus can not be changed (for free). Something more uniquely designed exactly to your specifications would require much more time.

I will use my own creative license to incorporate your ideas and content into the design that best fits.

After you preview the final result (if you like it) it's yours for free. If you don't want it, I can delete it with one click of the mouse from "mission control".

Your website will be --- but for a donation to cover my expenses, I can also give it your own domain name like for an extra $10+ (If you want a domain name, SEARCH FOR AVAILABILITY FIRST before letting me know!)

Web names (URLs) must all be one word, but may include underscores or hyphens. EXAMPLES: or

!!! Any donations are appreciated but NOT required....websites are FREE! BUT...donations can get you a whole lot more attention  ;) --- and if a donation is made, be sure you specify at PayPal the name of your website to get the appropriate credit due.

!!! Check out all the working LIVE demos and let me know. See ya!

Contact Bud Meyers here >>>


Info Sidebar

Your sample text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enimad minim veniam,

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