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If you already have your text and image documents organized and ready to load, and you are familiar with the layout of the website you chose in my demos, then go straight to the form.

Or first have a look at this example page for step-by-step instructions.

In the form you will enter content (text) that you want on each page, an email address that you may wish to use on the form on the Contact Page, and any other contact information you might want to include on the contact page (phone, address, etc.), any images you'll want to use for a banner, logo, your store, yourself, etc.

You will tell me how you want the pages named, how many pages you'll need, and what content goes on what page. After I set up your website with the email address you want to use, when a visitor sends email to you they will be automatically re-directed to a Thank You page, which I will also edit for you.

I will try to incorporate all this into my design to meet your satisfaction (colors , design layouts, and menus are AS IS, but I will occasionally add more colors and designs to choose from.

If you send me plain TEXT, I will use my discretion with fonts types and size. If you send me a formatted Microsoft WORD document, I will do my best to keep most of the formatting when converting to HTML.

Note: My small business websites aren't "e-commerce websites" where you would sell your products. I could design those too, but:

  • they are much more complicated,

  • they involve a lot more work and testing,

  • they use 3rd party credit card processing (etc.)

  • and they would cost you very much to design and host

The websites I offer are for adverting and information only. If you're a small business, it will give you a very professorial web presence.

My websites are all customized according to you, just explain how you'd like the text content and images of each of the pages designed, and I will come as close as possible to creating what you like.

My demo websites are designed with 4 pages - the Home Page, Page One, Page Two, and the Contact Page. Page One and Page Two will be renamed to whatever you'd like ("About Me", "Our Services". etc.)

For a resume the pages could be named Work History, Education, etc. --- or you can use my very cool resume pages that have "share buttons" and are printer-friendly (Listed half way down the page).

NOTE: I do not post physical addresses on a web site for personal websites or resumes, so NEVER even send me this information. If you wish to provide an email address or phone number on a contact page, just let me know. Any email you get from my email form will have the IP address of my server, not the sender's.

Give it try, what have you got to lose? It's free! I only ask for voluntary donations from satisfied people AFTER the site is first posted for your review.

If you like it, and if you wish, I will obtain a domain and point the sever to your website as well (my server charges $10+ for domain names, but there's no hassle pointing them to their server. Or you can just purchase your own.)

Note: Maintenance is important, and for a number of reasons, a server may disrupt your site. But by notifying me with a simple email, your website will get the necessary attention right away.

NOTE: After your website/resume is posted, your website must be renewed after the first year unless you make special provisions with me for any long term arrangements.

Disclaimer: I work on a first come first serve basis. Depending on my schedule and the amount of requests I receive (and how much work each one requires). I will notify you when I can begin working on your site and when it will be available for viewing. At this time, I will guess between 3 and 7 days.

I can also add share buttons to your page too. Also links to your Twitter, Facebook, and blog accounts.

Feel free to pass this on...

Technical Details
: For security purposes, I do not offer any Java, Perl, PHP, MySQL or any other scripts or databases, other than those that may already be included in my templates. I can embed YouTube movies if they are already posted, but I am not responsible for their content. I can change the images that are presently included in the web design, either from an image search on the web, or if they are the correct size, those you may also email me.

Hope to hear from you,

Bud Meyers
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