Customized small business websites and online resumes for free!

NOTE: As of 2014, due to high demand, this service has been discontinued, unless I personally offer this service to you—either my email, or in person.

I have over 100 demo websites and resumes for you to choose from. I will add your text and images and host your own website for free.

No logging in, no registration, no gimmicks, no charges.

Easy peazy and free!

Rarely in life is anything REALLY for free, except for what I have to offer you. I will design and post your online resume or build you a small business or personal website for free.

I realize that times are tough for millions of small business people and the unemployed, that's why I'm offering my services for free. I know how it is...I was laid off in the Fall of 2008. But I've been designing websites for the past 15 years, since 1999 when I got my first computer. Now I want to design a FREE website for you.

For the time being, all that I ask in return is for your recommendation, and if possible, ask that sometime in the future you'll make a modest donation to my PayPal account -- "paying it forward" for my time, expertise, and effort. It doesn't have to be right away (or ever). If money is tight, I'll understand. A donation isn't necessary, just appreciated. I'm on the honor system and I can only ask that you let your conscience be your guide -- in case you see better days ahead.

That's all there is to it. Just look through my demos then let me know. You can use one page if that's all you need, or up to 4 pages. Or just let me use my expertise to design your site for you. It's that simple, and it really is free!

And no, I'm not a corporation, I'm a real person. I'm a "company of one".



My friends call me "Bud".
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Bud Meyers

* Only if this is applicable to you per our conversation > Fill out a form and see the Getting started page and look at a step-by-step example.

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